The Simple Machines: Wheels & Axles and Inclined Planes set introduces students to the scientific concepts associated with two types of simple machines: wheels and axles, and inclined planes. Students build, investigate, and evaluate scientific principles in action.

The Teacher's Guide, used in conjunction with the K'NEX materials and individual Student Journals, provides the information and resources needed to build students' understanding of scientific concepts and channel their inquiries into active and meaningful learning experiences.

Set includes 221 K'NEX parts – enough to build 7 fully-functioning replicas of real-world machines, one at a time. Supports 2 to 3 students working as a team. Primary 3-6. Building instructions and comprehensive teacher's guide aligned to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Standards are included. Packaged in a strong storage tray with snap-on lid.

  • 2004 Learning Magazine Teachers' Choice Award for the Classroom

Key Concepts
  • Work = Force x Distance
  • Changing the direction of force
  • Ideal / Actual Mechanical Advantage
  • Wedge; Screw
  • Energy Transfer
  • Mechanical Systems