Math & Science


Elementary Math & Geometry

Explore geometric shapes using selected K'NEX pieces and construct as many different shapes as possible.


Intro to Simple Machines:
Levers & Pulleys

The Wheelbarrow: An example of a 2nd Class lever.

Determine the lever class of a wheelbarrow and identify the fulcrum, resistance and effort.


Intro to Simple Machines:
Wheels & Axle and Inclined Planes

The Well: An example of a wheel turning an axle.

Investigate how a wheel turning an axle makes work easier.


Intro to Simple Machines: Gears

The Stationary Bike: An example of a chain and sprocket system.

Observe how motion and force are transmitted through a distance using a chain and sprocket system.


Intro to Structures: Bridges

Explore the ways in which selected shapes respond to forces acting on them.


Simple Machines Deluxe

Planetary Gears

Experiment with the Planetary Gears to determine the effects on force and speed.


Exploring Machines

Crank Fan Model

Determine through experimentation the gear ratio of the K'NEX crank fan model.


Forces, Energy & Motion

Racing with the Wind

Identify ways to increase the kinetic energy of a wind-powered vehicle.


Renewable Energy

Introduction to Solar Power – Crank Man

What is the relationship between the light source distance from the solar panel and the speed of the crank?


Real Bridge Building

Identify some of the key problems solved by structural engineers when designing and building structures.


DNA Replication & Transcription

The Basic Replication Process

Understanding the DNA replication process, and identify reasons for replication of DNA.



K'NEX Thrill Rides

Amusement Park Experience

Lesson 1: Understanding the Relationship Between Speed, Distance, and Time.


Roller Coaster Physics

Lesson 2: Time-of-Flight

Design an experiment to measure the speed of a roller coaster car coming down an inclined plane and ramp.