In response to overwhelming requests for a classic-style K'NEX Coaster, K'NEX is celebrating its 20th Anniversary in a BIG way with the Son of Serpent Coaster. This absolutely HUGE model is built entirely from over 5,500 Classic-K'NEX pieces and 53 feet of original tube-style track. The finished model stands 8 feet x 5 feet x 6 feet, and includes 5 coaster cars, 14 K'NEXmen figures, three motors, and speakers for your MP3 player. Watch the video and see how this enormous coaster sends the coaster cars hurtling down the track, around tight curves, and through gravity-defying loops.

Intended for serious builders ages 16+, the Son of Serpent coaster is an unforgettable way to celebrate your passion for roller coasters and classic K'NEX building sets. 95% of the parts in K'NEX Thrill Rides are made in the USA.

Key Concepts

Building Thrill Rides is all about exploring and understanding the Science and Engineering that goes into creating the amazing experiences offered at theme parks:
  • What is the angular velocity of the Blender Ride as it spins about its centre post?
  • Where does a roller coaster car have the most Potential Energy and how is it converted to Kinetic Energy?
  • What is the linear velocity of the riders
These are just a few of the questions that will be answered as students explore the science, math and technology behind hair-raising amusement park rides.

The realistic actions of the models bring scientific and engineering concepts to life for students, who can conduct simple experiments to explore physical forces such as potential and kinetic energy, and linear and rotational motion.